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Our performance speaks.

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100% correct market forecasts since 2014

An ex-fund manager and IIMA alumnus venture


What We Offer

Best investment advice and trend forecasting for institutional and UHNI clients. 

Who We Are

An investment advisory service managed by an ex-fund manager with over two decades of successful experience.

Why Us

Unmatched Proven Performance. Stringent stock selection process. Focus on stocks having exceptional fundamental strength.

A unique combination of fundamental analysis with algorithms that has helped us in avoiding recessions and in capturing growth. 

Our Services

1. India Invest

This service includes two parts - stocks, and market timings. We recommend stocks and a model portfolio for long term, and inform you well in time about any major turn in market trends. We have been 100% correct in all our market direction forecasts ever since we started it in 2014. An ability to identify major falls and rallies in time removes the biggest risk associated with equities, and leads to superior returns. Our returns as on 14-Feb-2020 were 41.68% compared to 13.33% of Nifty (since starting this model portfolio service in May 2018). Market timing is based on an algorithm and stock selection is based on a stringent screening system, making this process objective. So it can be expected that this performance will continue in future as well.

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2. Trends

We forecast mid term to long term trends for gold, silver, copper, crude oil, USDINR, and Dow Jones. It is bsed on our highly successful trend forecasting algorithm that has record of being 100% correct in Nifty since 2014. It is a robust adaptive algorithm that works well for all assets that are traded with high liquidity.

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3. MIHP (Monthly Income Hedged Plan)

Based on our trend forecasting algorithm, we recommend fully hedged Nifty derivative stratagies that generates income every month. You can operate a fully hedged derivative fund using our strategies on Nifty. With one or two trades per month, this approach generates stable income in all kinds of markets, plus a great benefit of high liquidity. One need not block funds for a long term, as most of our strategies expire within a month, this can work as a monthly/quarterly income fund. It is especially suitable if long term bullish trend ends, and as a diversification strategy for investors.     

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CONTACT US: For any queries drop us a mail at info@trikaalcapital.com or WhatsApp on +918447860490.