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Made possible with correct Market View and Super Strong Stocks.

We focus on long term investments

To gain multiple times returns riding on mega trends

"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." - Warren Buffett

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“Never depend on single income. Make investment to create a second source of income” - Warren Buffett

"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work till you die." - Warren Buffett

Who We Are

An investment advisory service managed by an ex-fund manager with over two decades of successful experience.

What We Offer

For Institutions: We offer advisory services for hedging, trading, and trend forecasting.

For Individual Investors: Best investment advice at Extremely Affordable Fees - starting from only Rs 3300 per year. 

Why Us

Unmatched Proven Performance. Stringent stock selection process. Focus on stocks having exceptional fundamental strength.

A unique combination of fundamental analysis with algorithms that has helped us in avoiding recessions and in capturing growth. 

Our Services

A. Institutional 

[For brokers, hedge funds, commodity buyers, exporters, trusts, and sovereign funds]

Based on our 100% success rate of long-term and medium-term forecasts (algorithm based), we are offering the following services which can be customized -

  1. Trend direction, duration, and price forecasts: Prediction of medium-term to long term trends for any commodity (metals, bullion, energy, agro), index (any traded index of equity, debt, or commodity), or currency. It will include forecasts of direction, probable trend duration, and target price range. These trends may last from few months to few years.
  2. Trading advisory: The same algorithm works for short term trends. We are successfully using it for FX trading (performance with proof) and can offer trading advisory on any liquid security.
  3. Hedging advisory: Effective hedging is only possible if one knows the trend, else it is a no brainer hedging cost or a loss.

How to Avail our Services: Kindly mail us your requirement to avail our services. We offer customized service as per your need.

How does our algorithm work: It is an adaptive trend analysis algorithm that identifies time cycles and can identify trend direction without any lag, along with a reasonably good idea of the duration of the trend. It has worked well in all kind of markets for all asset classes. You can get some more details here (our article forecasting market upside and a BJP win - exactly one month before the election results).

Whatever is your business, if you deal in any commodity, index, or currency, the right knowledge of its future trend will make a big impact directly on your bottom line.


B. For Individuals 

1. Stocks Portfolio Management:

Strongest companies, long term holding, multi-bagger potential 

We recommend you a portfolio of select stocks with exceptional fundamental strengths and substantial long term growth potential, at reasonable valuations. These stocks have the potential to withstand any recession and at the same time, they have the capabilities to become multi-baggers. Coupled with our unmatched market trend forecasting record, we offer you a single diversified portfolio for superior long term returns, with low risk.

The stocks in the portfolio may be held for 1 - 3 years but in case of major risks or target being met, we may exit earlier from stocks.

Our Market Signal service intimates you about when the markets are overheated and one should sell most of the stocks, and when the markets have become undervalued and it is time to buy equities.

Entering and exiting at the right time can dramatically improve the returns, and it is one of our key strength. Since 2014, we have been correct in all our market forecasts.

We do not handle your money, we are not brokers, we only advise you which stocks to keep in your portfolio, when to buy, how many to buy, and when to sell. We do not recommend active churning of stocks, you just need a little time once in a while to buy/sell.

Types of Portfolios - We offer three different types of portfolios. All are based on the same investment philosophy but vary only in the number of stocks. 

Portfolio - A: It is for small investors, we recommend up to six stocks in this portfolio 

Portfolio - B: It is for big investors, we recommend 12-15 stocks in this portfolio 

What you get in this service:

  • We inform you about buying and selling decisions by email and WhatsApp - we will mention the recommended price and proportion in the portfolio.
  • A weekly newsletter with a market view. 
  • Research reports on all recommended stocks mentioning the key reasons to buy, entry price, and price target range.
  • Advice about asset allocation based on your risk profile
  • One-time advice on your existing stocks

2. Stock SIP:

Useful for those who are interested in monthly or frequent investments during a year.

Similar to mentioned above, we recommend you, which stocks to buy every month, at what price, in what quantity, and when to sell. The stock selection method is same as above. 


Many investors invest in multiple MF schemes or SIPs, which means that they have invested in hundreds of stocks, that results in poor returns, even if some of the MF stocks give multi-bagger returns. Imagine one in 100 stocks (if you have 4 -5 SIPs/MFs) giving 200% return in one year - but its impact will be just 2% gain for the portfolio, and if there are say only 20 stocks, its impact will be 10%! Excess diversification will dilute your returns. 

Safety does not come from more SIPs or more MF schemes, it comes from - strong stocks and right market view.


What you get in this service: We inform you about buying and selling decisions by email and WhatsApp - we will mention the recommended price and proportion in the portfolio.   

CONTACT US: For any further clarification drop us a mail at info@trikaalcapital.com or WhatsApp on +918447860490. 


How to Avail our Services

We have three packages as mentioned below:

Stocks Portfolio


Portfolio - A

Rs 3300 per year

Rs 4950 with SIP

Portfolio - B

Rs 6600 per year

Rs 9900 with SIP

Customized services, kindly mail us your requirements.
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