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Inflation risk – is it temporary or will it last for years?

Chart 1 – US inflation

US Inflation

Many experts say this inflation spike is temporary, mainly caused by pandemic. Do you have the right analysis and relevant data? Will it be transitory or will it last for years?

You don’t want to be shocked that suddenly the raw material prices are sky rocketing, wages are going through the roof, and demand is collapsing. Such events have occurred in past, even in the mightiest of the nations, and there is no reason that this may not happen again.

What can go wrong in such scenario –

  1. Timing of expansion/diversification plans
  2. Selection of wrong business for diversification
  3. Investment getting stuck
  4. Debt raised becoming a burden
  5. Region selected for expansion may get severely affected by risk
  6. Demand collapses and you have no workable plans to prevent it
  7. FCCB repayment amount rises
  8. Adverse currency movement

These are just some of the problems, but if you are aware, you can prepare.

Be prepared – get latest updates on this inevitable inflation risk as well as other critical risks that may turn up anytime, anywhere in the world and may affect your business.

Indian Economy – Growth engines fluttering?

Can you believe what you see in media? Everyone was bullish about economy in 2007, but then it crashed in 2008! Media recently highlighted a strong Q1 GDP growth – is it correct that our economy is on track to grow fast? It was not highlighted that this GDP was lowest compared to the previous three quarters. A comparison with GDP of June 2020 is irrational as that was exceptionally low due to lockdowns.

Even more important is to understand what will drive the future growth of Indian economy. Rather than looking at future growth figures offered by various agencies, it is more important to understand the growth drivers. And that is the kind of insights you will get from us.

You will be able to take the big decisions with confidence.     

Get indispensable information for your business

We regularly track all high impact critical business risks that may materialize in near future. These risks may be financial, geopolitical, environmental, social, cyber, or technological. All analysis is based on hard facts and presented in simple language without any ambiguity. In case official data is not reliable or available, we use industry data for proxy and always cross check with multiple sources.

The Lighthouse will inform you about -

  1. The most critical business risks in near future
  2. Impact on key industries
  3. Strategies to manage these risks
  4. Wealth protection strategies

It is really better to be safe than sorry.

For any query, please contact us. And act soon. The sooner you act, the better you can equip yourself to handle it. Once the crisis has unfolded, you will lose the advantage to prepare.

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