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The best equity portfolio. 

In India invest plan, we advise to build a diversified portfolio of 12-15 stocks. We select these stocks on the basis of strong fundamentals and a research report is available to our clients on our website. We advise when to buy/sell these stocks and in what proportion. The objective is that our clients build a well diversified portfolio of quality stocks.


This plan is most suitable for investors who give higher priority to capital protection followed by above average returns. Minimum suggested holding period is one year, and minimum suggested investment is about Rs 5-10 lakhs. 

Investment Philosophy:

Better stock selection + Better Timing -> Capital Protection & Alpha

1. Stocks selection:

Key points of our investment philosophy -

  1. Growth: We invest in growth stocks where there is a high visibility of future revenues
  2. Leadership: We invest in companies that are leaders in their industries and are financially very strong. Such companies are able to survive in recessions, and are not easily affected by negative government policies, import threats, technological changes, and competition. Being financially strong, they are in a better position to benefit from opportunities, and can expand more easily. 
  3. Management Integrity: We conduct extensive forensic checks on management, none of our stocks has ever faced any management fraud
  4. Better Timing: We are able to buy and sell at right time because of our successful trend analysis algorithm 'FibWave'.     

2. Better Timing, Capital Protection, & Alpha

(Timing means predicting future direction of markets and stocks)

(Alpha is a technical term which indicates the excess % returns generated by a fund manager compared to the market returns. All fund managers aim to create high alpha)

We have been correct in all our market direction forecasts since 2014. All the investment entry/exit signals for equities were posted online and results have been compiled in one place at - Market Signals. Some major forecasts were -

  • Spotted strong signal of serious global risk on February 14th 2020, well before corona became a global threat. Subsequently, global markets fell by 35%.
  • Predicted the start and end of the equity rally of 2019. Markets gained 10% after the prediction.
  • Predicted the start and end of the of equity rally from 2016 to 2017. Markets gained 28% after prediction within predicted duration
  • Predicted price signals just before 2014 elections. It forecasted BJP winning based on market correlations and Trends. Markets gained 32% after the prediction.

This success is based on our trend forecasting algorithm - FibWave.

What you get in this plan:

  • 12-15 stock recommendations and advice to build your portfolio.
  • Research notes including investment rationale for all portfolio stocks (samples on site - CDSLSanofi)
  • Information about buying and selling decisions by WhatsApp
  • A weekly newsletter every Monday morning with a concise market view

How to Avail this Service

First register on our website and then subscribe online.

Comparing India Invest and Multibaggers

Chooce India Invest Choose Multibaggers  Choose both 
If you want moderate returns If you want high returns If you want high returns on a part of your fund
If you want high capital safety  If you can take some risk  You may allocate 10-20% funds to Multibaggers if you are using both plans.  
If you want returns every year  If you can wait for 2-4 years 


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