In this plan we recommend 4 - 8 stocks per annum that have strong potential to become multibaggers in 2-4 years.

Suitable for:

It is suitable for all investors who are looking at very high returns with moderate risk. It is also an excellent diversification strategy for any long-term investor to allocate part funds to this portfolio. It is also the best plan for those who are new to stocks and want to invest a small amount.


We use two proven strategies for identifying multibagger stocks –

  1. Identify cyclical stocks near bottom of the cycle
  2. Identify small companies with unique competitive advantage (patents, any type of monopoly or entry barrier, deep research) coupled with long term growth opportunities
  3. Identify companies that have changed their business to a more lucrative field and have ability to succeed in that new business.

Example: A budding FMCG company – available at unbelievable throwaway price

(Stock recommended on 26th August 2020)


  • Company has recently ventured into frozen food, plant is operational
  • High tech imported plant and machinery
  • Consistently profitable in its previous business
  • PE ratio still in single digit, PE ratios of established food based FMCG companies range from 60 - 100
  • Very low debt
  • Established and reputed promoters, diversifying into FMCG

It is a very rare opportunity to buy such a low-priced company in FMCG segment, which appears to have all the ingredients for fast growth.  
There is a similar food company - Tasty Bite, which can give you an idea of profit potential in this budding FMCG company. Tasty Bite’s share price rose from Rs 170 in 2014 to current 12700, a whopping 75 times in just seven years!!!.

In our case, we expect this new company to rise atleast 5 times in next 2-3 years.

What you get in this plan:

  • You will receive 4 - 8 multibagger stock recommendations. There is no target price given by us, we will inform when to exit.
  • You will get research notes including investment rationale and growth drivers for all recommended stocks
  • You will be informed about buying and selling decisions by WhatsApp
  • You will get monthly review of stocks recommended by us in your mailbox

How to Avail this Service

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