• This plan is for giving trading recommendations in stock and index futures.
  • These will be positional calls for holding period ranging from 1 to 6 days.
  • Normally there will not be any advance stop loss or target price, we will inform when to exit. 
  • This plan requires that you must have minimum Rs 6 lakhs, as buying any single lot needs about Rs 2 lakhs, and we may recommend up to three lots at a time.  
  • It is a high-risk, high-return plan - you can see the past returns below.
  • All recommendations are given by WhatsApp during market hours

FREE Demo - We will provide free trial in Blackjack for one month. Message us on 8447860490 to activate free trial.


All the recommended trades and their results are summarized below - 



NinadNinad Konakanchi

Full time trader, Mumbai

My name is Ninad Konakanchi.. I am a full time trader from Dombivli, Mumbai.. I took trial calls of Blackjack category related to trading in stock and index futures in October 2020.. they provide trial calls for one month.. I was mighty impressed with the trial..

Some important features that I observed about this service were:

  1. Risk management - the capital requirements of this trial are Rs. 6 lakhs. I noted that the stock futures that were given for buy / sell were having a low notional value around 6 to 7 lakhs and the stocks were all low beta stocks (lower the notional value and lower the beta, lower is the margin required) eg powergrid, HUL, icicipru to name a few.. the stock selection is immaculate.. very high risk high beta stocks are never preferred eg. Adani enterprise, idea etc 
  1. Secondly the average holding time of any position is quite less, sometimes position is squared off even on same day..
  1. Third point - when a particular position is in loss and the thought is that this loss may become bigger, the small loss is booked then and there.. that position is not held on to in the hope that the loss will recover.. in a nutshell very objective way of trading rather than subjective / emotional
  1. Lastly and most importantly, the return on capital - on an average the return on capital has been excellent.. in the two months that I taken their services the return was 15% and 33% per month..

Thanks Rajesh Sir and Best wishes

PushpakPushpak Verma

(Chartered Accountant), Sr. Director Business Analytics and Procurement, A leading telecom group of Europe and Africa, Senegal.

I know Rajesh from a decade now personally and professionally, he has an eagle eye on all equity and F&O segments in Indian stock market. He is a constant out performer, his approach is disciplined and cautious. More than 80% Accuracy in his recommendations constantly is seen. I can vouch for his integrity and high degree of knowledge and disciplined approach. I will only say in one line that you may handover your investments and trading needs to him and rest assured for the best of returns. I wish him best of luck for future endeavors.

hardeepHardeep Sethi

Founder and Head Business Development at Basketville (A Wee Dreams LLP Enterprize)

I had been speculative with my trading in the past, relying on superficial intelligence, profits from the trade were dependent on coin toss probability due to lack of intelligence. Upon exploring, I came across Blackjack and observed at least 10 trades before taking a pause and registering with Blackjack, it has been a smooth ride since then and I am thankful to Mr. Rajesh Sharma for being so poised even in tense moments of trading ensuring safe returns without getting too ambitious.

Mr. Sharma is one of the most diligent and down to earth professional, I have come across in my professional sphere. A man of high integrity, Mr. Sharma’s acumen and eye for detail in investment arena can only be experienced when you work with him. A balanced head, with Rahul Dravidsque dependency and nonchalant demeanour makes him a gentleman who has thorough knowledge and yet he is quieter, doesn’t flaunt and appears as a monk in wafer thin patience era.

AshishAshish Swarup

Founder Director ReAe – Renewable Energy Asset Excellence

It has been a pleasure to seek your advise on equity investment in Indian stock market for both long term as well as FNO. I appreciate your clear and actionable advise unlike many advisors. I have been investing in equity as well as real estate for last 25 years but now with your guidance I have been able to build a resilient and profitable portfolio. At the same time I have been able to successfully start FNO trading since last many months and make excellent returns irrespective of the market conditions. I truly appreciate your research quality, simplicity and reasonable fee.



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