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Adding Power of Timing to your Bottom Line

We have been 100% correct in all our market direction forecasts ever since we started it in 2014. All forecasts were posted online and details can be seen at – Market Signals. These forecasts were made for equity markets but the algorithm does not differentiate between different asset classes and works well for all metals, agro commodities, energy, and currencies.

Our free Market Signals service was stopped in Jul 2019. But to further prove our performance in all asset classes, we have started posting some of our free forecasts on our website at this link – Trends.

Trends is an algorithm developed to predict price movement in commodities and other asset classes. Trends can spot weekly, monthly and quarterly price trends along with approximate duration of the trend. This power of timing can improve commodity buying/selling decisions, significantly adding to the bottom-line of our clients who are either buyers or sellers of commodities. Clients can utilize power of timing based on Trends without any change in their current sales or purchase process, team or ERP. Use of Trends directly adds to the bottom line of its users.

Trikaal has developed Trends algorithm based on its years of experience. Trends has been in use since 2014. Trends is an algorithm developed based on deep market insights, mathematical models and has been correct in all its forecasts. Use of an algorithm makes spotting of trend and estimation of duration of the predicted trend free from errors and emotions. Trends works equally well for all asset classes including major commodities like metals and agricultural commodities. The underlying factors driving equity markets, commodity market and individual stocks are same, however the impact manifests in different magnitudes at different times..

Trends Client Service:

Our forecasts are for both, short term as well as for long term. The duration of a trend forecast may range from few days to few years. Long term trends help in taking critical business decisions while shorter term trends may be used for hedging or trading.   

We offer forecasting for –

  1. Agricultural commodities
  2. Base metals
  3. Currencies

Trends service includes the following -

  1. One-page weekly actionable report mentioning future trend direction, likely duration of trend and possible price levels. We will alert in real time whenever a signal is generated.
  2. Trends doesn’t predict events but its price signal is an outcome of evolving dynamics of multiple factors affecting prices.
  3. Detailed explanation of fundamental factors driving the trend and associated risk factors shall be made available to clients. Trends client team shall be happy to interact regularly with client when required.
  4. Trends client service team shall be happy to have a 15 minutes introductory call to understand basic details of client’s purchase/trading needs. Based on this discussion Trends client service team shall revert back in 24 hrs on how best to utilize its research. Trikaal offers 3 months free trial period.
  5. Trends offers its services on a flat fee basis as well as on fee plus profit sharing basis.

Why Trends:

Trends has been correct in all its past forecasts. Some of its major past forecasts are mentioned below

  • Trends had spotted strong signal of serious global risk on February 14th 2020, well before corona became a global threat. Subsequently, global markets fell by 35%.
  • Trends predicted the start and end of the equity rally of 2019. Markets gained 10% after the prediction.
  • Trends predicted the start and end of the of equity rally from 2016 to 2017. Markets gained 28% after prediction within predicted duration
  • Trends predicted price signals just before 2014 elections. It forecasted BJP winning based on market correlations and Trends. Markets gained 32% after the prediction.

All above predictions were posted online and details are available on our website (link - https://www.trikaalcapital.com/index.php/research/market-signals).

Another good measure of our success is our equity portfolio returns, which as on 14th May 2020 was 51% compared to -11% of Nifty (since starting this service in May 2018). In other words, we have generated 62% more return than the markets in two years.

Useful for

Manufacturers, traders, exporters, and importers across the globe.

How to Avail this Service

First register on our website and then subscribe online.

CONTACT US: For any queries drop us a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or WhatsApp on +918447860490. 

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