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Rajesh Sharma

Rajesh Sharma

Rajesh is the founder of Trikaal Capital. He has more than two decades of experience in fund management, research, trading, algorithm development, project finance, arbitrage, and hedging. He has covered equities, debt, commodities, and currencies. He has also worked as Chief Investment Officer of Escorts Asset Management Company. He is an engineer and a PGDM from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Ashish Swarup


Ashish is a business leader with diverse experience with large multinational companies in FMCG, manufacturing, capital goods, agri-business and renewable energy. He has worked in companies with over one lakh people and also started businesses as first employee. He has been at CXO/Director level since 2006. His functional experience is very diverse ranging including sales, marketing, production planning, business unit leader, manufacturing. He also led corporate programs of six sigma, cycle time reduction, continuous improvement. His core belief is to build companies that last and he believes in long term sustainability of business. His business experience helps in identifying solid businesses and analysing factors which actually are not captured by numbers alone.

Bibek Roy

Bibek is a software engineer with passion to develop algorithms for financial markets. He is good at neural networks, Java, R, MATLAB, python, data analytics, AI, AFL, and also has good understanding of collective fear and greed psychology.

Rahul Gupta


Rahul is a management graduate and has been studying about investments since he was in school. Peter Lynch and Benjamin Graham are his role models. He has done deep industry research on emerging technologies, AI, IR 4.0, IT, robotics, automation, and the impact of climate change on economies and sectors. He likes to identify long term growth that can sustain and foster social inclusiveness.


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