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Stocks with Exceptional Fundamental Strengths

 100% Correct Market Forecasts since 2014

Long term Multibaggers with Capital Safety


We Select ONLY those Stocks that have Exceptional Fundamental Strength

We select stocks using exhaustive and very tough criteria. Our stocks have strengths to survive downturns as well as to generate multibagger returns in long term. Main selection criteria are -

  • Stocks should be leaders in their industry so as to beat competition and be in the best position to benefit from business opportunities with high profitability. In fact, many of our stock have almost monopoly or a very strong market hold to ensure stable and growing income and protection from competition - you must read sample reports to understand this core reason of exceptional returns with very low risks
  • There should be strong long term growth drivers
  • Stocks should not be overly affected by regulations
  • Stocks should not be overly affected by global turmoils
  • Companies should have very low or zero debt
  • Stocks should be available at low valuations
  • Stocks should have exceptional potential to generate multibagger returns in long term
  • Companies and management should have proven ethical management so that we avoid losses like Satyam, Kingfisher etc.
  • Plus many more checks on clean books of accounts, hidden dangers, excessive risky exposures, concentration risks,  

We Correctly Find When the Market will Change its Trend

  • Even most of the experts don't agree that it is possible to find when the trend will change. But we have been doing it successfully with over 100% accuracy since we started this in 2014. 
  • This is a crucial strength that has enabled us to deliver high returns by entering in market at the right time and also exiting at the right time. Please visit the Market Signal page to see details of how we predicted Nifty movements with almost unbelivable accuracy.
  • We have been posting our Market Signals online free for all so that investors can build trust in us.

Multibaggers with Capital Safety

Why our stocks have High Capital Safety -

  • All our companies where we invest are leaders in their respective industries with very high entry barriers, building high protection from competition 
  • All our companies have high stability in their business reducing impacts of a recession or slowdown
  • All companies have been deeply scrutinized for internal weaknesses like window dressing of accounts, legal issues etc
  • None of our company is overly exposed to global trade, political, currency, or legal risks
  • All our companies are well established with proven management track records, they have survived several bad phases and are structuraally strong to face threats
  • All our companies are almost zero debt - an extra ordinary strength during bad times Plus, we also do stringent financial, legal, as well as field analysis to ensure that the company is free from any major risk  

Why our stocks have High Multibagger Potential -

To become a multibagger - a stock should have low price, there should be a very big business opportunity, and the company should be capable to tap that opportunity.

  • All our stocks have very strong long term growth potential
  • All our stocks have low valuations
  • All our stocks are well established companies having the best capability to benefit from growth opportunities